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Artdeco Original Logo designed by Yazid Pointer, digitized Teeshirt by Darul Freeman

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So Glad You’re Here featuring RICO

So Glad You're Here ....FEATURING:RICO So Glad You're Here...By KenZirrelli Kensey

Cover Art By Yazid Pointer


About the Author


Thomas J. DuVall, writer, artist, musician, and folklorist, was born in Washington, D.C., and left D.C. for New York City as a young man. He is a self-taught artist who started painting when he was only 4 years old. His gift from God turned into lifelong work that included a position as a staff artist for New York City’s Third Press (book publishers). This work culminated with his supervising other graphic artist/illustrators in the corporate world. He is a recognized percussionist who has performed with entertainers such as Max Roach, Pearl Primus, the Olatunji African Dancers and Drummers, Solomon Ilori, Sun Ra, and many others. From all those years to the present, during which his writing was published, he has continued his personal artistic and musical endeavors.

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